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Design as a service concept for partners

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As if creating a new normal in 3D printing was not enough, Mehta Heino’s team has begun a design as a service concept for companies who wish to create a new product or improve a current one, or create efficiency in their production processes.

Hefio Oy

This was the case with fellow startup company from A Grid, Hefio, that creates digitally customizable earphones and gives new life to sounds, making them crystal clear. After meeting at the Aalto University Campus in Otaniemi, Mehta Heino became the design partner for the earphones. The Hefio team is happy with the fact that their prototyping line can be located just down the hall from their office, as the close collaboration enables faster results and better communication.

ModeXnet Oy

Another cooperation case was born with yet another hallway discussion with startup ModeXnet that creates SON network boxes (Wifi/Radio enclosure Box Design). They wanted to find an efficient way to produce their product in order to stand out from their competitors. Mehta Heino was able to help them to redesign their product and 3D print it on demand, something that simply is not possible when your manufacturing is in another country. ModeXnet was also able to be part of the design process and provide input where needed.

Technology of Young Oy

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