3D Printer

The company’s first product, MHI3D Printer is a 3D printer based on new solutions developed by us, based on existing FFF/FDM technology.

Learning to use MHI3D Printer takes only few minutes and it saves machine users time and effort with industrial level build quality and no daily adjustments needed.

Re-designed from scratch.

  • Simple design – less components, easy and faster to manufacture.
  • Problem solving approach – repeating results and adjustment free.
  • Easy to replace the components, if needed.

No compromise in the Build Quality.

  • Fully automatic, CNC Machined, parts & industrial components.
  • Mechanical parts are made with local suppliers (made in Finland).
  • Assembled on jigs – easy to assemble – lasts longer in use. Full quality control.

Reliable – High Print Quality.

  • MHI3D Printer is reliable, and free of adjustments.
  • Industrial components provide reliability & accurate printing.
  • User Interface has been modified for Easy Printing.
  • Firmware has been tuned & optimised to print precise, fast parts.