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  • 3dPrinter Finland

About Us

Mehta Heino Industries Oy (MHI) is a 3d Printer manufacturer based in Espoo, Finland which was founded in 2015 and has the ambition to bring to the market a cost-effective and easy to use 3dPrinter with an excellent user experience and to provide e-learning facilities for educational use.

MHI and the team has a great vision and is full of ambition. Our goal is to provide the best 3dPrinter machine and user-friendly 3DPrinting software.

The company’s vision is to give everyone access to the 3dprinter as a tool for everyone to use and build their own ideas, products, and parts and explore the abilities of the technology and the extents of designs. We believe that 3dPrinting is a tool that must and will be used everywhere, in the schools, workshop, offices, and factories. For educational use, we will be developing e-learning program where the students can learn and print their own projects.

Our Product and Services

3D Printer

Reliable, affordable and easy-to-use Desktop 3D printers for professionals.

– 3D Printer Manufacturer

– 3D Printing Services

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Coming Soon!

– Subcontracting (Engineering Design, CNC Machining, Software)



Automation Solution and Services

Coming Soon!


Our Team

Rohan Krishnakumar
Software Developer
Raghavendra M S
Software Developer

Contact us

Our Location

Otakaari 7 A (Aalto University)
02150 Espoo, Finland
+358 40 353 0100‬


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