MHI3D Printer

The company’s first product, MHI3D Printer is a 3D printer based on new solutions developed by us, based on existing FFF/FDM technology. Learning to use MHI3D Printer takes only few minutes and it saves machine users time and effort with industrial level build quality and no daily adjustments needed.

Reliable. Easy to Use. High Print Quality.

A new plastic filament extruding 3D printer based on technology developed by our company. Full aluminium precision machined frame. Industrial components are used with long lifetime. Designed and Made in Finland. Delivered ready to print out of the box and factory calibrated.

Omnia Makerspacen työpajat 2019

Tule ottamaan haltuun digitalisaation uudet trendit ja työelämän uusia osaamisvaatimuksia. Omnia Makerspace on teknologiapainotteinen yhteistoimintatila A Gridissä (Otakaari 5, Espoo). Järjestämme Makerspacessa erilaisia työpajoja, joissa…
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